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   Jaqueline Road Development    25 September, 2015

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Nic Thomas, Chief Planning and Development Officer

Hinkley Hub, Rugby Road, 


LE10 0FR


Or email:  nic.thomas@hinkley-bosworth.gov.uk

Dear Sirs,


I/We strongly object to the above planning application on the following grounds:

This application is not in conformity with Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council’s Local Plan policies

1.       The application site is not an allocated site and the Council already has its’ 5 year housing

land supply.

        2.    The application site is outside the settlement boundary.

3.     The application site is in open countryside.

4.     The application site although in the Parish of Groby, relates to Markfield which has already     exceeded the minimum number identified in the Council’s Core Strategy to meet local housing needs by the local Jelson development and developments in Stanton under Bardon will also relate to Markfield and place additional demands on the already stretched local infra structure. 

5.     The application fails to meet the criteria required, i.e. on social, environmental and economical grounds for sustainable development, even if paragraph 14 of the NPPF were to apply which it does not in this case on the following grounds:

       *Facilities and amenities in Markfield are already struggling to cope, particularly with pressure on Mercenfeld Primary School (Academy) which has a school roll “capped” at 350 with spatial restrictions that do not allow for further expansion. The local doctor’s surgery already with lengthy waiting times for appointments and which has been unable to recruit additional GPs, is unable to expand on its’ existing site.

*Markfield is a traditional rural village with limited local shopping and employment opportunities and very limited parking in the village, all the extra vehicle movements will not help the social balance in the village.

*The local economy other than from a very short term benefit during the construction phase will not benefit, as the majority of purchasers would almost certainly be commuters for shopping and employment attracted by the ease of access from larger towns connected by the apparently excellent road links which in reality are already overburdened and often in a state of gridlock, especially at peak times.

*The application site lies in open countryside outside the settlement boundary strategic to the local landscape.

6.    Highway safety grounds, the site access onto Ratby Lane which is already heavily used as a short cut from the A50 to avoid the Field Head traffic island and Launde Road, on towards the designated HGV route to Desford and Merrylees is unsuitable for any increase in in vehicle movements. There is a history (supported by photographs) of numerous vehicular accidents in the vicinity of the proposed site access road which would have to cross an area of public open space owned and maintained by Groby Parish Council.

I/We urge the Council to refuse this completely inappropriate planning application.

Yours faithfully,


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