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   Borough Councillor Report December 2015    10 December, 2015

Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council Report Cllr Martin Cartwright & Cllr Ted Hollick

December 2015




Cllr Martin Cartwright

Telephone: 0116 287 4500

Mobile: 078 50 70 70 50
E-mail: hbbc@appliancehome.co.uk
Write: Maverick House, 10 Pine Tree Avenue Groby, LE6 0EQ


Cllr Ted Hollick

Telephone: 0116 287 5955

Mobile: 07962 373983

E-mail: ted.hollick@tesco.net
Write: 7 Shaw Wood Close,

Groby, LE6 0FY




Former Budgens now Co-op:


Ted and I would like to welcome the Co-op to the former Budgens site and wish them success in trading. Objections were received to the planned extended licensing hours but these were resolved with the help of officers of the council, representatives of the co-op and the objector.

The store is open from 7am till 10pm, 7 days a week on a smaller footprint to the former Budgens store but none the less is an impressive offering to residents.

Remainder of the Budgens site


The Side Elevation of the Former Budgens Store is set to be transformed in a plan to bring four small units within the remaining part of the existing Budgens store.


Proposed Side elevation of store facing Lady Jane School

In the illustration above the Yellow fronted Shop would be the Fish and Chip Shop. The Red fronted shop would be a Café or Hot Food Takeaway. The Dark Yellow fronted shop would be the Hairdressers and the Green fronted shop would be the Pharmacy.


Personally my initial reaction would be a preference to move the Café to the front and the pharmacy to the side so that the Café is in the central location. This would result in the Green fronted shop and Red fronted shop being reversed in the illustration above.


A planning application has been submitted for a proposed mixed use development in the remaining part of the old Budgens store to include four units consisting of a Pharmacy, Hairdressing Salon, Coffee Shop and Fish and Chip Shop.


The planning application number is 15/01187/FUL with full details including design and layout available on the Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council Web Site, www.hinckley-bosworth.gov.uk. Select the planning tab and enter the application number 15/01187/FUL. Brief details taken from the application (not Ted or my comments) are also enclosed below.


The Pharmacy

The new pharmacy is to be located to the front and side of the existing building being the corner by the co-op and has been carefully sized and positioned to complement the existing building. The proposed pharmacy will have a ground floor area of 75sqm with a first floor over for storage.


Hairdressing Salon

A hairdressing salon is proposed adjacent to the pharmacy and will offer a full range of associated hairdressing services and beauty treatments. The proposed floor is 51sqm with a first floor over for storage.


Fish and Chip Shop / Café hot Food Takeaway

A fish and chip shop and a coffee shop, café hot food takeaway are to be incorporated in the proposal, to the rear towards Pym Ley lane for local residents and people using the shopping complex.


There is also a planning application for alterations to shop-front including roller shutters and installation of extract vents and warehouse light (retrospective)

Retrospective means the works have already been carried out without the relevant planning permission. Application number 15/01180/FUL should you wish to look at the details


Leicester Road Planning Application – Former Highways Land:


The county Council submitted a planning application earlier this year for outline planning permission for 38 houses to be built on the old A50 former Highways ground to the rear of the Leicester Road properties.

Due to the complexity of this application it is taking some time to conclude. It could be determined at the December 22nd meeting of the planning committee at Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council but this is unlikely. It is my guess that it will be early 2016 before this is taken to the committee for determination possibly January but more likely February, March 2016.

Ted and I will let residents know as soon as we have any further information and will arrange a public meeting to discuss the next stage of the process. Thanks go to Steve who has provided lots of information regarding the flooding issues, Severn Trent and Highways.



Wallace Drive Planning Application:


An appeal has been made to the Secretary of State against Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council planning committee to refuse the planning permission for a change of use of land at Wallace Drive to Traveller Pitches. The start date for the appeal is 9th November all representations must be received by 14th December 2015. The appeal documents are available to view on the Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council web site by entering the appeal application number 14/01247/COU into the appeals search box. Be careful to select the appeals search box. Ted and I will be ensuring that Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council gives sufficient resources to defend this inappropriate appeal and hope that Cllr O’Shea will do the same with regards the County Council and Highways as the Highways issues is the best defence against the appeal.


Meeting with Officers:


It would be best for the residents defence and the best possible outcome being that of a dismissal of this appeal for several residents (those mostly affected) to meet with HBBC council officers.


I am more than happy to set up a meeting with council officers as ward members Cllr Hollick and I think this could help residents with the points they wish to make at the hearing and for you to understand the case being presented by HBBC council officers. Your County Councilor Cllr O’shea should also be invited as well as a representative from Groby Parish Council.


If you are interested in attending a meeting to progress your defence please contact me on 07850 707050 or e-mail hbbc@appliancehome.co.uk


To be honest, anything less than everyone working together as we all share the same views on this can only be detrimental to the eventual outcome.


I am looking to setup a meeting between the above at the earliest possible opportunity





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Tuesday December 15th 7pm


This year’s Carols round the Christmas tree will take place in the Stamford Arms car park on Tuesday December 15th from 7pm. Always well attended a warm welcome will be extended to you should you be able to attend.


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Ted and I wish you and your family our very best Compliments of the Season.

Kind regards

Martin Cartwright & Ted Hollick



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