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   Proposed Garden of Remembrance    27 November, 2012

The passing of close relatives or friends is always a time of sorrow and stress, but within the quiet and peaceful grounds of Groby Village Cemetery, everything has been done to make the occasion as reverent, as consoling and as respectful as possible.

Groby Parish Council intends to create a “Garden of Remembrance”, which although not consecrated, is dedicated to the dead of all religions and non-believers.  Cremated ashes of both Groby and "non" Groby residents can be strewn within the Garden of Remembrance. Bereaved people can visit this garden for some quiet solace and contemplation and memorials in the form of memorial plaques, tree or shrub planting will be available. 

The cremated remains will be strewn in one of the four designated areas within the Garden of Remembrance.

The ashes are not allowed to be scattered in one solid mass on the ground and will be scattered evenly, covered with light soil and aggregate shortly after the strewing to help preserve the beauty of the strewing area and encourage the remains to return to the earth.

The area in which the cremated remains are strewn is then recorded in the register for future reference. It is important to consider that once scattering has taken place cremated remains cannot be removed, individually located, or marked within the scattering areas. Cremated remains scattered in the Gardens of Remembrance are not contained in a casket or urn, and only a general location is recorded.

Where relatives of the deceased have previously been scattered within the Garden of Remembrance, it is possible for other relatives to be strewn in the same area following their cremation (the full name and date of death of the previous deceased relative will be required).

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