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News  »  new Leicestershire County Council project called ?Timebanking in Leicestershire'' aimed at supporting Community Groups and Organisations.

   new Leicestershire County Council project called ?Timebanking in Leicestershire'' aimed at supporting Community Groups and Organisations.    22 January, 2013

New Leicestershire County Council project called ‘Timebanking in Leicestershire' aimed at supporting Community Groups and Organisations.

What is Timebanking?

Timebanking is a practical tool that enables co-production.   Timebanking values all hours equally. 1 hour of time = 1 time credit with everyone’s time being of equal value regardless of your social, physical or economic situation.

To illustrate the point using a Person to Person model, an older person may want some assistance in learning how to use a new television, so they would request this assistance via a broker. Willing parties, perhaps a young unemployed person with some spare time on their hands would offer to assist for an hour. In return for doing this task they would receive a time credit. They could then request help with building a CV (by using a time credit), or some interview practice, which another person, via the bank would supply, and so on.

This process has been proven to build trust, improve health, regenerate and strengthen communities, as well as contributing towards successful social relationships.

LCC's Timebank is an organisational one aimed at business and groups operating in health, social care and in the community. It enables groups to further their aims (and the aims of those using the service) without money. It creates new introductions and partnership working, it allows people to showcase their talent and it develops business, all without money changing hands.

There is a multitude of things currently being offered from one to one counselling, to team building sessions, to Indian head massages for staff members. The project is now looking at how it can expand into communities to deliver services (befriending, peer support) as well as offering individuals the opportunity to join, make new friends and contribute towards building their communities.

As a member we will keep them up to date with the current 'Offers' and the current 'Wants'. All they need to do is contact us if you think they can supply what is being requested or if they want to take advantage of an offer; we will do the rest, The list will grow and evolve as 'offers' and 'wants' are matched, and new ones arise.

Plus ……… when they sign up they will receive one free credit so they can start Timebanking straightaway!

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