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   Police non emergency number 101 to report a parked car which may be causing an obstruction    21 March, 2013

Youngsters urge drivers to park considerately

Junior Road Safety Wardens from Hinckley’s Battling Brook Primary School have been asked to design a series of posters aimed at persuading drivers to be more considerate when parking their cars. 

The school became involved after the Borough Council joined forces with Leicestershire Constabulary, the RNIB and the other district councils in the county in a new campaign to discourage drivers from obstructing pavements with parked cars. 

The campaign aims to raise awareness of pavement parking by highlighting the impact it has on people’s lives and encourage drivers to park considerately.  Vulnerable people such as those who are blind or partially sighted, wheelchair users and those using children’s pushchairs sometimes have to walk on the road, make detours or turn back if they can’t get past cars parked on the pavement.

The police and the council have separate powers to act depending on the nature of the offence being committed, but until now, anyone reporting an obstruction may have been forced to make more than one call to report it.  So, in a bid to make it easier, the council and the police have agreed a joint process.  This will ensure that reports of cars obstructing the pavement result in swifter enforcement action from the appropriate authority.  Anyone parking irresponsibly could be fined a minimum of £30.

The Leader of Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council, Councillor Stuart Bray said: “I have been pressing for action on this for some time, so I am delighted to see the council and the police working together to tackle this problem.  Inconsiderate parking such as blocking pavements or parking on zigzag lines can restrict people's ability to get around and put them in danger too.

"I hope the campaign will encourage more people to park responsibly and result in swifter enforcement action for those who don't.”

Inspector Jonny Starbuck, Commander of Hinckley and Bosworth local policing unit said: “I am pleased to be working with Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council to improve road safety.  Whilst we are keen to get people to avoid blocking the pavements, drivers should also bear in mind that roads must be left sufficiently clear to allow a Fire Engine to pass though too.  The message is simple - if you can not park at the roadside without obstructing the carriageway or the pavement, then please park safely at a different location.”

Stewart Marsden, Head teacher at Battling Brook Primary School said: “We are delighted to work with the Borough Council and the police in order to promote the importance of considerate parking in our local community.  It provides a great opportunity for our children to be very proactive and hopefully play a part in helping to reduce or even eradicate inconsiderate parking to the benefit of everyone.  We fully support this campaign.”

To coincide with the launch of the campaign, the police and the council will be carrying out spot checks outside schools where pavement parking is an issue.  Council officers will visit schools to raise awareness of the problems caused by inconsiderate parking and pupils will be encouraged to design posters to deter inconsiderate parking and pass the message onto their parents. 

During the campaign, leaflets will be delivered to homes in areas that have a particular problem.  The leaflet will raise awareness of the issues created by pavement parking, warn about parking charge notices and encourage residents to report offenders.


  •  Anyone who wishes to report a car which they believe is causing an obstruction should report it on the police non emergency number 101.
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Page last updated: 21 August, 2013