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Garden of Remembrance


Groby Parish Council has created a “Garden of Remembrance” where the cremated remains of residents and non-residents of Groby may be strewed / scattered. Although not consecrated, the garden is dedicated to the dead of all religions and non-believers. - photo galley click here.

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Bereaved people can visit this garden for some quiet solace and contemplation and memorials in the form of trees, roses, and shrub planting are available – click here for further details of the lease memorials we offer  and the types of living tributes available


The passing of close relatives or friends is always a time of sorrow and stress, but within the quiet and peaceful grounds of Groby Village Cemetery, everything has been done to make the occasion as reverent, as consoling and as respectful as possible.

The cremated remains may be strewn in one of the four designated areas within the Garden of Remembrance – “Tranquillity”, “Eternity”, “Peace” or “Serenity”.

The ashes are not allowed to be scattered in one solid mass on the ground and will be scattered evenly using an ash scatterer, covered with light soil and aggregate shortly after the strewing to help preserve the beauty of the strewing area and encourage the remains to return to the earth. (methods of strewing)

The area in which the cremated remains are strewn is then recorded in the register for future reference. It is important to consider that once scattering has taken place cremated remains cannot be removed, individually located, or marked within the scattering areas. Cremated remains scattered in the Gardens of Remembrance are not contained in a casket or urn, and only a general location is recorded.

The strewing of your loved one's ashes can be done by the Cemetery Sexton, or carried out by you and witnessed by a member of staff. However, if a family member would like to strew the cremated remains themselves the Parish Council Cemetery Office should be informed, whereupon instructions will be provided to the family prior to the strewing taking place. (Sample verses for use in a Strewing Ceremony)

An appointment can be arranged for a mutually convenient date and time to allow relatives to attend and witness the final disposal of the cremated remains within the Garden of Remembrance. (Monday to Friday 9.30pm to 3.00pm). FEES  Service Request form

Should the relatives desire, a minister may be engaged to read a short form of service. This would be arranged by and at the expense of the applicant.

If the cremated remains are delivered to the cemetery at the time of the appointment, the Cemetery Sexton will need to transfer the cremated remains into a specially designed container, before strewing can take place.

No memorials will be permitted in the area where the strewing has taken place, although floral tributes can be left in the floral tribute area. Floral tributes are left for exactly 2 weeks before disposal. At times such as Fathers' day and Mothers' day we leave flowers an extra week. At Christmas we leave Christmas wreaths until the last day in January when the grounds are cleared.

Please download the applicable form for your Memorial:

Renewable lease agreements :

It is a criminal offence to dispose of cremated remains within the cemetery without permission.

Page last updated: 11 July, 2019