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Tree Maintenance

Groby Parish Council operates its own Tree Maintenance Policy (link). Complaints are compared in the first instance with current expert inspection reports and the Council will respond in accordance with the recommendations of that report.

Trees are a very important part of our environment providing a major component to our city centres, residential streets, parks, towns, villages, gardens and rural landscapes. They provide a habitat for birds, mammals and insects, they create shelter, screening and shade, they display exquisite beauty which changes with the succession of the seasons and they provide timber which exists in every household in the form of furniture and structural components. They also provide a variety of shape and form to the landscape both as individuals and as woodlands and forests. 

The County’s woodlands, especially those containing trees native to the area, provide important habitats for many animal, bird, plant, fungal and insect species. The County Council, in partnership with the Forestry Commission and other organisations, manage its woodlands in a sustainable manner to ensure that they continue to contribute to the landscape long into the future. The Council also runs a ‘Free Tree’ scheme to provide new trees on rural farmland to counter the significant losses of individual trees which have occurred over the past 40 years.

During their long lives trees absorb huge amounts of carbon dioxide and emissions from transport and industry. They filter atmospheric pollution and release oxygen into the atmosphere enhancing the air we breathe.

In short, trees make a very positive contribution to the quality of life for the people of Leicestershire. They are living, dynamic organisms which grow naturally to a substantial size. They are affected by a whole range of natural and man-made influences and consequently require some form of maintenance from time to time.

The County Council is responsible for trees on land it owns and along the adopted highway corridor. Its policy aims to maintain them in a safe condition and for the benefit of the local environment. The County Council can also offer advice and information on trees and woodlands to other local organisations.

Charnwood Forest

The County Council recognises the need for measures to protect and enhance the particular character of Charnwood Forest. Find out more about this and plans for the future of Charnwood Forest here.

See Charnwood Forest for more information.

The National Forest

The National Forest is 200 square miles of woodland in the heart of England, across parts of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire.

See The National Forest website for more information.

Free Tree Scheme

Leicestershire County Council run a Free Tree Scheme for farmers and rural landowners as part of Leicestershire County Council’s tree planting initiative. The scheme is aimed at replacing lost trees in rural areas of the county.

See Free Trees for more information.

Tree Preservation Order

Tree Preservation Orders are made to protect trees that contribute to the amenity of the area. The County Council manages 200 Orders that were made prior to 1974. Following this date the responsibility for making new Orders passed to the District Councils. Should you wish to carry out pruning works to a tree firstly contact your District Council Planning Department  who will be able to tell you if the tree is protected by a District or County Order or is located within a Conservation Area.

See Tree Preservation Orders for more information

Except in certain circumstances, the consent of the District Council is required for the cutting down, topping, lopping, uprooting, wilful damage, or wilful destruction of protected trees. Where felling is authorised, replanting is usually required.

Tree Management Strategy

The Tree Management Strategy recognises the tree resource under the stewardship of the County Council and identifies a standard for its management which ensures its long-term conservation and development for the people of Leicestershire and future generations.

See Tree Management Strategy for more information.

Landscape and Woodland Strategy

The Landscape and Woodland Strategy provides guidelines for conserving and enhancing distinctive landscapes and expanding the woodland cover of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland in ways appropriate to each landscape character area.

See Landscape and Woodland Strategy for more information

Community Forest Study

A Feasibility Study for the Creation of Community Forest in the Central Leicestershire Area which was conducted during May 2006.

See Community Forest Study for more information.

Commercial Forestry Services

Leicestershire Highways’ Forestry section is an approved contractor of the Arboricultural Association. Services available include hedge maintenance, tree management, tree felling, and landscaping. Services are provided on behalf of Leicestershire County Council and for businesses and private individuals.

See Commercial Forestry Services for more information.

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